Christmas Shopping Tips

We all love saving money, and saving money during the most expensive time of the year is a win in our book! Do you want to know some of the best artificial Christmas tree shopping tips that will make you a savvy shopper? Grab your reusable bags as we give you the 411 on this holiday season.

Research, Research, Research

Many Black Friday fans never realize how much they’ve been duped when they brag about a “steal” they got during their Black Friday shopping spree. Many companies actually raise rather than lower their prices during this time of year in order to make a huge profit. We tend to get caught up in all the madness of this season, so many of us never spent the time to research the prices beforehand and compare the deal. If you research ahead of time and buy ahead of time, you may be surprised that that’s when you got the real deal.

Unsure What to Buy?

Sometimes we don’t want to ask people outright what they have been wanting, or what they really like most. An excellent hint if you’re feeling a little shy? Check out their on social media. Social media platforms are where people spend their time sharing their greatest passions and what they enjoy most. This should make your shopping a lot easier!


If you’re like me and buy gifts throughout the year, but forget what you bought until it comes time to wrap them, an app called Santa’s bag will help you track gifts you have already purchased, and gifts you still need to buy. Best of all, its password-protected, so your secrets are safe!

Invest While You Shop

Want to save a little future while you shop during the now? You can use an investment app on your phone like Acorns that are automatically linked to your card and will round up your purchases to the nearest whole dollar, investing the “spare change” into an account. Over time, these acorns grow into mighty oaks. This way, you can feel better about your spending since you’re saving for the future at the same time.

Opt for The Free Shipping

If you’re shopping quite a bit on Amazon, it may be worth it for the Prime membership if you don’t already have it. This way, you’ll get free shipping on all those gifts. Free Shipping Day is another treat that can save you money. On December 14, each year, many retailers offer free shipping. They also have a delivery guarantee that your product will be there by Christmas Eve! 

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