How to Keep Pets Away from your Artificial Christmas Tree

For those with pets, they know that any type of Christmas tree is almost like a beacon to these animals to cause some mischief. Cats may like to climb up the tree and swat at the ornaments. While dogs may decide that this tree needs to be marked, as it does not smell enough like your pet. It can be overwhelming to put up this amazing artificial Christmas tree, only to find out that your pets have other ideas. So, how can you keep pets away from the tree? We have a few suggestions that pet owners have found work great over the years!

  1. Consider putting a plastic fence around the Christmas tree. Luckily, there are tons of fake fence options that you can purchase that are going to go with the Christmas theme that you have going on. For example, those who have a farmhouse theme will find that they make little white fences that are designed to go around the Christmas tree to make it all fit together. The fence may deter your pet from going towards the tree. Or you may find that for young dogs, the fence may become something that they start chewing on. 
  2. Be sure to reprimand your pet if they are getting onto your tree or doing something that they shouldn’t do. Consider this a part of their training, they need to know that the tree is off limits, so do whatever it is that you have done in the past to correct them from using the bathroom in the house, chewing/scratching on the furniture, etc. 
  3. You can try to spray a few of the ornaments with apple cider vinegar that are on the bottom branches of the tree. Many pet owners swear by this tip that the smell of the vinegar will keep both cats and dogs from getting into the tree because they do not like the smell. 
  4. Make sure that you don’t put any ornaments on the bottom branches that tend to hang and swing. Why? Because that is just an invitation for your pet to start playing with them!
  5. Make sure that your pet has toys around that they can play with. You will find that if they do have something else to play with they are less likely to start playing with the artificial Christmas tree. 

While it may seem as though keeping a pet out of the Christmas tree is impossible, it can be done. You have to stick to routine and reprimand whenever necessary and after a while they will realize the tree is off limits!

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