Outdoor Christmas Decor

Decorating the outside of your home is a tradition in many neighborhoods. In fact, it can become quite the competition among neighbors to see who has the best decorations. There are outdoor lighting displays throughout the United States that people drive hours to see, as they bring smiles and laughter to those who see them. For those who are looking to decorate the outside of their house, they have several options. Any trip to the local store like Walmart or a home improvement store will show you just how many options you have. We have a few ideas as well that can help your home to look beautiful not only on the inside, but also on the outside!

  1. Illuminate your driveway! A great way to make your home stand out is to illuminate the sides of your driveway with Christmas lights. For example, there are several lights that are made to be staked into the ground including snowflakes and candy canes!
  2. Santa and his reindeer out in the front yard is a classic scene that is seen at many homes. You can find inflatables that are also illuminated or even plastic characters that can be placed on the yard or even on the rooftop.
  3. The classic Christmas tree in the front yard is a great option for those who have a tree that is already planted. All they have to do is to string this with lights. Be sure that you opt for exterior lights that are meant to hold up against moisture and temperature changes. 
  4. Wrap your front door as though it is a Christmas present. This is an inexpensive way to show your Christmas cheer. 
  5. The Nativity scene is a great option and one that many people consider a staple for their front yards. There are several that can be purchased or you can opt to make something that is completely unique.
  6. Connect with your neighbors and decide on a theme so that all the houses are decorated with the same theme. This can make a striking visual and be one that people travel to see!

When decorating the outdoors be sure to do this early in the month so that everyone can thoroughly enjoy the sight that you are making. And be sure to stay safe while doing this. For those in colder climates, be sure that you are dressed to handle the temperatures while outside and working. And remember, that sometimes less is more when it comes to decorating as you don’t want to have so much going on that no one can focus on one thing.

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