Explaining Santa to Children

For those parents who decide to let their children believe in Santa, they may be amazed at how many questions that they get pertaining to Santa. While saying it was magic to many children years ago was good enough. Now, children are more interested and the idea of saying it is magic is not good enough. It can make coming up with an idea of what to say harder, especially with the age of the Internet. With this being said, for those parents who want to make the idea of Santa one that stays with their children while they are young, here are a few explanations that you can use which help to pacify children until they are older!

  1. How does Santa go everywhere in one night? The answer is thanks to time zones and the fact that Santa’s sleigh travels faster than any car or airplane out there. When asked how fast, you can always say faster than the speed of light.
  2. How does Santa’s reindeer fly? They are a special breed that is only found in the North Pole. And Santa does his best to make sure that zoos and other areas never get a hold of these deer. 
  3. Do Santa’s elves make the toys? Not always. Instead, Santa has taken to working with big toy corporations to get great deals on the toys that he brings boys and girls. Now, the elves help with wrapping and getting these toys loaded into his sleigh.
  4. How does Santa carry all the presents of the world in his bag? His bag is a magical element in which an endless pit is located and connects to the North Pole. There at the North Pole, elves can throw in the presents that he needs for the area that he is in. It makes his load lighter and allows his sled to not be weighed down which could slow him down. 
  5. How does Santa get into the house if there is no chimney? Santa arranges beforehand with the parents to come into homes that do not contain a chimney. He can come in through a window or even a flue on the home if needed. And no, he is not breaking and entering, because parents know that he is coming. 
  6. Do parents pay Santa? This is a common question, especially from parents who tell their kids that a specific gift they want costs an outrageous amount. The answer: Yes, parents do pay Santa…after all reindeer food costs money! 

In today’s time, parents have to be a bit more on their game with their explanations, and this can give you a great start. 

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