Four ways to make your artificial Christmas tree more realistic

Artificial Christmas tree. Christmas trees are a huge part of Christmas decorations; they are the beautiful trees that light up the room and set the atmosphere. Sometimes an artificial Christmas tree might be the better option to consider. However, they may look too unrealistic.

Do you know that your artificial Christmas tree doesn’t have to look all artificial and made up? Yes, there are ways to effortlessly create a realistic artificial Christmas tree. Learn some now. 

1. Do some flocking

The snows are everywhere and you could help your tree with some. Flocking your tree helps you create a snow-covered look that blends with the season. You can bet that a tree covered in snow looks real, especially at that time of the year.

2. Add some berries and pine cones

Fruits are natural features of trees. Nothing makes a tree look realistic than fruits on it. Attach some berries to your tree and watch your realistic artificial Christmas tree come alive. 

3. Perform some magic with ornaments 

Artificial Christmas trees easily give themselves away with the well-calculated and unnatural spaces between the branches? You can get rid of that. All you have to do is add some ornaments to your tree, starting from the top with the biggest and that way down the tree. The branches come close together this way and look more realistic. 

4. Conceal the base

The hard base of an artificial Christmas tree and its unnatural feel would give it away quickly. You would be surprised how effective concealing that base can be. You could use a tree collar to hide the base or you could just wrap the base of your Christmas tree a bit loosely. Whichever way you do it, the unnatural base is out of sight and you have a realistic artificial Christmas tree

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