Four tested ideas on decorating your house.

Although not an easy task, decorating your house is very rewarding. The undisguised look of admiration on the faces of your guests and the beautiful serenity of home every time you walk through the door are good reasons to decorate your house.

As tedious as decorating your house may seem, not getting it right would only make things worse. We’ve gathered some tested ideas that can make decorating your house easier and would like to share them with you:

1. Use Colors in the hallway 

Hallways are the right places to be expressive so drop the conservative idea and use some bold colors. We suggest that you mix two complementary colors for a more expressive result. 

2. Use art pieces

You’d be surprised how a beautiful piece of art can transform the mood of a room or hallway. Imagine a small piece hanging on that bold color you have finally decided to use, the outlook would be simply artistic. Art pieces are a bit higher in volume; they allow you to communicate within your space. 

3. Mix the times

There’s something beautiful about mixing the old and the new. Experiment with different things, from classic furniture to the latest antiques. You would be surprised at the effect this idea on decorating your house would bring. 

You don’t have to restrict yourself to a particular time in history so as not to send the message that you are outdated. Mixing the times reflects the idea of a deep thinker and a stable personality.

4. Your walls could be the canvas

Of course, you can ditch the wallpapers and the portraits. You could bring art straight to the walls of your house. It is super interesting to have an artist create beautiful pieces directly on your walls. 

Take a step today and decorate your house in style.

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