Flocked Christmas trees- make perfect snow trees

Christmas trees. Whatever your reason, you are making an excellent choice with that flocked tree. Either you want to satisfy your desire for a realistic Christmas tree or just for the love of white and in honor of the cold. 

You can create snowy Christmas trees right at home without breaking a bone, it’s that easy. All you need are some materials you would find within the house and you could have a flocked tree adorning your house in little time. Here’s how:

1. The Shaving cream solution

With some cans of shaving cream, white glue, mixer, and a paintbrush, you can make a solution that would be applied on the tree to be flocked. All you have to do is mix the shaving cream with the white glue. You might want to add some coloring and glitters based on your desired result. 

  • When your mixture is ready, you can start to flock your tree. Be mindful to start from the top, all the way to the bottom.
  • Your flocking mixture should go straight to the needle tips, avoid smears on the needles as much as you can. 
  • While you are working on your tree, check it out intermittently, to be sure you are making exactly what you want. 
  • When you have worked your way to the bottom, leave it to dry for some hours, at least eight hours, depending on how heavily flocked your tree is.

When the tree is dry, you would have yourself a flocked tree looking snowy and beautiful. That beauty, and of course the artistic reminder of snow would greatly reward your efforts. 

2. The all-natural desiccated coconut

If you or any of your anticipated guests are allergic to some of the substances in the shaving cream, you are covered. Desiccated coconut is completely natural so you won’t have to worry much about allergies.

Mix desiccated coconut with an effective binding agent such as liquid starch. Mix the combination until the coconut is completely wrapped up in the starch. 

Bear in mind that the mixture should be loose and shiny. Then, you can start to flock your tree as outlined above.

You can also buy a flocked tree by following these steps.

It is just as easy as it can get. Go extra with the perfect snowy touch on your Christmas tree this Christmas. 

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