Five Christmas Eve traditions to consider this Christmas

Christmas Eve does not always have to be about so much work and preparation for Christmas day. It is only a subtle trap we fall into every year. Oftentimes we spend Christmas Eve preparing for Christmas, trying to get ready to play the perfect host on Christmas day. 

Remember, Christmas is only a few hours away and it would be nice to set the mood for a wonderful celebration. There are a few things that you could add to your ‘to-do’ list on Christmas Eve, which would be just as memorable as the Christmas celebration. 

Here are few Christmas Eve traditions you might want to adopt for a great evening;

1. Hang out with friends 

Since we tend to spend Christmas day with family, it would be great to spend the eve hanging out with our friends. A beautiful, warm and fun-filled evening with the ladies would ease you into the spirit of Christmas and an afternoon out with the guys would most likely set you in a happy mood for the next day.

2. A dinner date with that special person

How does a break away from all the noise with your favorite person in the world sound? I bet you are starting to imagine how promising it would be. You’ll most likely be spending the next day welcoming friends and family, making dishes, clearing tables, opening gifts, the activities can get overwhelming.

It would be just the perfect idea to spend some time with your darling alone, reminding them of how lucky and happy you are to have them, thanking them for the years you’ve spent together and generally just enjoying their company.

I bet you’d spend the next day exchanging priceless glances with happy smiles.

3. Attend a church service

Nothing sets you in the mood for Christmas than listening to so many jolly Carol songs. It moves you into a more appreciative mood for the season, almost magically. It allows you to sink in the whole essence of the season. It is the easiest way to ‘catch the spirit’ of the season.

4. Wrap your gifts

It may sound like another chore, but no, it isn’t. Can you imagine how much fun you’ll have writing many different short notes you will attach to the gifts? It forces you to think deeply and remember how and why you are so lucky to have all those beautiful people in your life. It’s a great way to help you be a pleasant host on Christmas day.

5. Watch a movie 

If you love to keep it simple, this is for you. You could just stay at home to enjoy a Christmas movie. There are numerous options to choose from so just pick your choice and enjoy it. They help you relax and appreciate the little blessings of life. 

Are you considering any of these Christmas Eve traditions already? Make every bit of the season as memorable as possible.

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