Everything you should know about Pre-lit Christmas trees

Christmas trees. Opting for a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree could start as a practical decision, but eventually, end up as a very fantastic one. It saves you the time that would be spent setting up other types of Christmas trees from scratch. It reduces any chance for any form of hazard that could occur while you are lighting up those trees. 

Here some few facts to understand about pre-lit artificial Christmas trees;

1. Height 

When choosing a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree, go for the ones with the proper height. By all means, get the one as tall as your house would allow. It helps to conceal the artificiality by adding a touch of reality to it. It makes it look more like a real tree. 

Of course, if you are buying for kids, feel free to buy the one with a suitable height but if not, consider a tree that can fill the space. Don’t forget that more height means more lights. 

2. Brightness 

After all, it is a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree. Depending on how bright you want to go, decide on how many mini lights would do. Usually, at least 500-600 mini lights should do the trick. Don’t go for anything lesser than that. You do want your tree lit, right? 

3. Polythene is a better option

When choosing an artificial tree, you should be on the lookout for trees with branches made of polythene material rather than the PVC. This is because polythene gives the tree a more realistic look than the PVC would ever do. 

4. The fuller the branches, the better it is.

Full means great when it comes to Christmas trees. There’s little beauty in a Christmas tree with scanty branches. However, more branches imply there would be greater room to add some accessories such as Christmas gifts in the tree. 

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